Why Madd?

My maiden name is Madden. 


I'm Chelsea, your floral designer. I love all aspects of design from architecture to branding. Working with my hands, I found a love for creating with flowers in 2009. Since then I've been creating bouquets, other arrangements and growing flowers. Knowing the flowers are a big part of the event, we hope to provide them to fit within your wedding budget. Our services include custom designs, delivery, set up, pin on and more.

Aside from designing with flowers, I love doing just about anything outside - biking, hiking, camping, gardening, and relaxing on patios. We live in Festus on a couple acres where we have a garden, raise chickens and let our daughter run free. 

We source flowers from wholesalers on Florist Row and some flower farms around the St. Louis area. We are even venturing into flower farming start to grow some flowers for our brides! We have done this for a few weddings over the past five years. With our field notes and resources, we're digging into this more!

Our Local Flower Package offers flowers sourced 100% from farms in St. Louis. We will purchase directly from the farms, cutting down on excess transportation and packaging waste. Working with these farmers, we obtain seasonal flowers. Inquire about this Local Flower Package!

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